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Medal Chasers

Always Earned Medal Hanger

Always Earned Medal Hanger


Nothing you have obtained came without considerable effort. This is true no matter if we talk about live races or virtual races. Regardless of the race platform, YOU run the miles. YOU put the work in. And through these challenges, you had the opportunity to show everything you learned and all that you can do. Show off your collection on the Medal Chasers MyRace MyPace Always Earned medal hanger. 



- Made of High Quality Brushed Stainless Steel 2 mm thickened material.
- Designed in USA.

- 24" (60cm) in length can easily hold 12-15 finisher medals.

- Mounting hardware included. 4 screws & washers + 12 additional washers that can be used as wall standoffs. Standoffs create a space away from the wall for ease of use and visual appeal

- All orders are shipped with USPS Priority mail large package and usually take 5 - 7 Business Days to process.
- Free domestic shipping.

  • Shipping Information

    No additional cost is added for orders in the USA. Due to the cost of international shipping, we will charge a fee $7.95 for Canada & Mexico, and $10.95 for European countries. ALL shipping fees are waived if your order is over $75.

    Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation of purchase email. Medal displays are shipped in 3-5 days after ordering and payment has been processed. Once your order has shipped, you will receive another email with a USPS Tracking number so you can track your order. Medal hangers ship USPS priority mail flat rate large box.

    All artwork and designs are the property of Medal Chasers, LLC. Purchasing of the medal does not transfer or confer rights of reproductions. All rights are reserved Medal Chasers, LLC © 2016-2023. 

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