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About Us

Medal Chasers creates virtual run/walk events which can be completed at any location and at a time that suits you, day or night!  One of the major advantages of a virtual race is the flexibility which it offers. Medal Chasers virtual races offer those who are passionate about staying active and keeping pace in a busy world the chance to run or walk on your own schedule. 

While charity continues to be an important part of our overall mission, the quality and uniqueness of our medals and bibs are equally important. We offer the "got to have it" race hardware you will love. In addition to events centered on specific causes, we offer long term running challenges to help you meet your goals! These challenges connect our love for fitness with our love of fandom and promise to bring you some of the most epic race bling you will ever find!  And yes, charitable donations are made with proceeds from these events as well.

So whatever your reason for running might be, the charity, the cause, the challenge, or the hardware...Medal Chasers has got you covered! 

View all races here: Medal Chasers Collections

View all charities & sponsorship's here:  Medal Chasers Philanthropy


​Thank you for running with us!

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