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Medal Chasers

A Wizard's Journey

A Wizard's Journey

$253.00 Regular Price
$202.40Sale Price

Registration for A Wizard's Journey includes 11 medals and bibs from the series. Run each race at your own pace and at anytime. Journey through the Wizarding world and you'll earn 11 full size finishers medal themed after some of the most iconic symbols and artificats. See the event linup below.

Total Distance: 46.4 miles

Event Linup:

  • The Wand Chooses the Wizard 5k
  • Platform 9 3/4k
  • Welcome to Hogwarts 5k
  • Riddle's Run Quest 7k
  • March for Marvolo's Ring 5k
  • The Golden 5k
  • Diadem Dash 10k
  • Sprint for Salazar's Locket 5k
  • Hunt for Helgas Cup 7.11 miles
  • Dark Mark 5k
  • The Unintentional Miles 4 miles


Medals are shipped USPS priority mail shortly after registration.


Registration for individual events can be founs here: A Wizard's Journey

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