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Medal Chasers

BibBoards Pinless Bib Fasteners

BibBoards Pinless Bib Fasteners


Medal Chasers has teamed up with BibBoards! They are the world’s best pinless bib number fasteners and safety pin replacements. BibBoards are the fun, athlete-friendly way to eliminate safety pins. The front and back pieces simply press together and lock in place. No more getting stabbed by safety pins or putting holes in your running clothes! The 4 piece set features the Medal Chasers logo and the quote "One step at a time" 

  • Shipping Information

    No additional cost is added for orders in the USA. Due to the cost of international shipping, we will charge a fee $7.95 for Canada & Mexico, and $10.95 for European countries. ALL shipping fees are waived if your order is over $75.

    Once your order is placed, you will receive a confirmation of purchase email. BibBoards are shipped in 1-3 days after ordering and payment has been processed. Once your order has shipped, you will receive an email confirmation. BibBoards are shipped via the USPS.

    All artwork and designs are the property of Medal Chasers, LLC. Purchasing of the medal does not transfer or confer rights of reproductions. All rights are reserved Medal Chasers, LLC © 2016-2021. 

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