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Run the Bases ALS

Updated: May 3

Run the Bases ALS supports the ALS Association

*If you see a time that is not correct please contact us @ and let us know. We will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Participant Distance Time/Pace

S. Cole 5k 41:01

I. Platkin 5k 36:14

R. Blackmon 10k 1:56:23

E. Moore 5k 23:00

K. Bachman 5k 3:02:35

CP. Bachman 5k 3:02:35

Melinda Dilday 5k 1:16:48

D. Urbach 10k 11:00

C. Payne 5k 45:20

M. Dobbins 10k 50:17

L. Moss 5k 48:16

A. Fruhling 5k 45:00

M. Fruhling 5k 45:00

K. Tyree 10k 1:35:00

N. Ferguson 10k 1:00:54

R. Mallory 5k 1:02:00

Alicia Fitzpatrick 5k 1:36:00

T. Guzik 5k 42:39

M. McDade 5k 34:00

D. Hunter 5k 37:27

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