Stomp MS

Updated: Oct 20

Stomp MS supports the Accelerated Cure Project.

*If you see a time that is not correct please contact us @ and let us know. We will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Participant Distance Time/Pace

L. Broom 5k 32:09

K. King 5k 50:58

Augustus Holt 10k 1:05:05

L. Olson 5k 1:10:00

J. Murphy-Scott 5k 1:00:00

J. Benton 5k 1:42:00

V. Hernandez 5k 35:00

Yolanda Schmidt 10k 1:26:23

H. Kafura 5k 45:04

R. Sandy 5k 64:49

T. Dykes 5k 87:15

S. Poulton 10k 80:50

D. Smith 5k 45:39

D. Kammrad 5k 78:00

Aisha Greene 10k 117:18

Anita Fox 5k 110:00

Wendy Nocek 5k 12:55

L. Arnold 5k 63:20

B. Cromwell 10k 116:18

A. Blankenship 5k 65:24

W. Franklin 5k 31:32

R. Wilson 5k 63:28

H. Moore 5k 57:48

D. Lee Half Marathon 58:90

Angela Hick-Ewing 12k