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Run for it Marty

Updated: May 13

*If you see a time that is not correct please contact us @ and let us know. We will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Participant Distance Time/Pace

M. Casparius 5k 33:49

Amy DeWitt Half Marathon

E. Bradley 5k 35:30

P "Puma" Mata 5k 32:08

N. Coulombe 10k 1:23:50

A. Cozen 5k 37:56

M. Aponte Half Marathon 14.37 miles complete

E. Moore 5k 26:00

T. Wright 5k 1:11:54

K. Bonar 5k 29:01

P "Puma" Mata Half Marathon 2:37:59

K. Brakauskas 7k 36:20

M. Kocorowski 5k 30:49

K. McAlister 5k 28:44

Brian Shelor 5k 28:40

C. Fields Half Marathon 8:00:00

N. Martinez 10k 9:19 pace

R. Rodgers Half Marathon 15:43 pace

G. Pargas 5k 6:00:00

S. Crowder 10k 51:40

N. Mcdonough 5k 1:15:34

D. Martin 10k 57:15

P. Ortiz 5k 8:53 pace

S. Ostrom 10k 55:01

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