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Miles for Memories

Updated: 5 hours ago

Miles for Memories supports the Alzheimer's Association.

*If you see a time that is not correct please contact us @ and let us know. We will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Participant Distance Time/Pace

A. Wilson 5k 1:02:14

Wayne Wheatley 5k 28:10

L. Oxford 5k Complete

Lisa Marie 5k 1:14:00

J. Delgado 5k 1:07:15

A. Petto-Mayr 12k 2:46:00

T. Gilbert 8 miles 3:00:00

B. Jessen 5k 31:22

L. Washburn 5k Walk

S. Cole 1 mile 12:13

Y. Perez 5k 1:02:51

D. Chesney 5k 49:44

C. Oliver 5k 48:36

A. Rodgers 10k 59:20

W. Valestin 10k 8:00:00

S. Poulton 10k 1:19:40

S. Johnson Half 4:55:16

C. Vick 1:02:38

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