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Lucky Run 7k

Updated: Mar 30, 2023


Name Distance Time

Victoria Minaya Half Complete

D. Vacha 7k 11:07

G. Cavedoni 7k 46:12

D. Barnett 7k 48:59

AnnMarie Rojas 7k 1:50:29

K. Tyree 7k 2:00:00

B. Kolbe 7k 1:05:14

L. Seaver 7k 1:05:41

A. Wilson 7k 47:50

B. Sharlow 7k 37:55

S. Poulton 7k 56:25

M. Small 7k 51:13

Rachel Handley 7k 1:01:23

W. Valestin 7k 36:27

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