Freedom Run

Updated: Jun 14

Freedom Run supports the Fisher House Foundation

*If you see a time that is not correct please contact us @ and let us know. We will correct it as soon as possible. Thank you for your participation!

Participant Distance Time/Pace

Rina Garcia 5k 31:26

Marita Davila 5k 41:26

R. Mufich 5k 29:47

L. Larson 5k 45:00

F. Linares 5k 29:48

A. Gertsch 10k 132:30

L. Erickson 5k 74:14

J. Venhaus 5k 36:05

S. Kowalski Half Marathon 114:00

N. Abel 5k 17:00

B. Marion 5k 60:04

K. Stetina 5k 49:02

W. Franklin 5k 30:48

H. Moore 5k 57:44

L. Baptista 5k 43:13

B. Guzman 5k 43:13

C. Halterman 5k 52:10

E. Potts 10k 52:43

Patricia Kawryga 5k 34:53

L. Halterman 5k 52:10

A. Stone 5k 56:25

F. Guynn 5k 54:27

K. Redzinak 10k 7:22

J. Don 1 mile 62:27

S. Poulton 10k 85:33

K. Leigh 10k 58:50

A. Fox 10k 130:00

C. Larson 5k 77:24

M. Aponte 5k 22:45

R. Henry 5k 34:28

G. Meister 10k 58:07

K. Clements 10k 2:08:00